Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Natalie Really Very Much Wants to Be a Star!

From: Emma's editor (mom)
Emma brought this "book report" to me after she finished "Natalie Really Very Much Wants to Be a Star" by: Dandi Daley Mackall. I have retyped it in it's original form and clarified a few things in in brackets for the sake of understanding.. But, I wanted to have record of it in it's RAW form to show an honest picture of my sweet little girl.

I went to sleep with a good feeling in my heart because Natalie got her heart cot (caught) on Jesus (fell in love with?) in a Christmas play, because it looked real but it wus really a baby doll. She wanted to be an ackter (actor) but then she realizde (realized)in the play she loved Jesus more than enethying. She took apart her costom (costume) to cover up baby Jesus because she realised he wus the most inportent of all. And she would do enething for hem. And I finished the books!


  1. Emma, you are such a smart girl! This is a wonderful, wonderful book report - It's so wonderful, that I might have to order these books so Sarah Jane can fall in love with them like you have.

    I hope that you are doing good. We sure do miss you and can't wait to see you again. Hug Chloe for us!

    Love you -
    Miss Jay

  2. Wow Emma! I think the people that have your mom reviewing books should have you doing the same thing! Excellent book review.

  3. I love your report! That sounds like a really good book. I am so proud of the reader that you have become. (and glad to finally have a new post on your blog!) I love you, Aunt Denise

  4. This was a great book report! I am so proud of you for writing it. I'm really glad that you love to read and learn and think.

  5. Dear Emma,
    I love your book report.You are growing up so fast. You are really doing good on your blog. Give Chloe a kiss for me. Ilove you. Be glad when I get to see you again. Love you bunches Nonna

  6. Dear Emma, What a great report. You are very good at letting others know about the books you read. I plan to keep this book in mind for gifts for girls your age. Thank you for the details and the information about the book.

    ~Mrs. Wilson (Matt's mommy)

  7. I am so proud of you for many reasons. Just a few of them are: You have a heart like Natalie in the book; you love Jesus too; you love books and reading (which is very important;) you finish what you start; and you are a great thinker. I love you!!! Nana