Saturday, October 17, 2009

My aunt Jan is graet

I love my aunt Jan. She is the best!

Note from the publisher: I'm sure that there are notes coming to everyone else. In this case, the early bird got the worm. We do think you're swell Aunt Jan!


Friday, October 16, 2009


My dad tugged my loose tooth hard. I did not know my tooth came out. MY dad happily showed me. I screamed LOUD AWCHEY! The hole bled fast. I showed my mom EXCITEDLY. My mom was very VERY surprised! I had to swish some water in my mouth. The End.

An note from Emma's publisher:
We are focusing on making sentences more interesting. Particularly by using adjectives. Emma has already figured how to use the spell check function. I haven't decided whether or not that discovery will be beneficial in her learning. It is my hope that we will participate in this activity often but not too often as this one post took her over an hour.