Saturday, October 17, 2009

My aunt Jan is graet

I love my aunt Jan. She is the best!

Note from the publisher: I'm sure that there are notes coming to everyone else. In this case, the early bird got the worm. We do think you're swell Aunt Jan!


  1. Emma,

    I am sure that your Aunt is great, because she is part of your family and your family is great!

    Hi Emma, this is Miss Tina-Matt's mommy!! I want to take this time to say "thank-you" for the prayers that you continue to say for my husband, Mr. Jim-Matt's daddy. We really appreciate your prayers for his kidney condition.

    We are very proud of your accomplishments and your love for God, your family, and learning. You are following a great example of Jesus, did you know that...Jesus always did his best at everything He did while He was here on earth and you are too.

    I hope to hear from you through your blog.

    Love and prayers XXOO

    Miss Tina

  2. I think you are great too. You are and will always be my favorite Emma in the whole world!

  3. Emma, I think Aunt Jan is great too. I think you are great also. I love you.